Our People

At AZ7 we take immense pride in our talent as we firmly believe that employees fuel the growth of the organization.

AZ7 people are some of the most creative, forward-thinking, passionate and results-driven people who thrive in a challenging work environment.

They come from a wide range of cultural, educational and geographic backgrounds and are able to work in a dynamic professional environment that values individual perspectives. The different points of view they bring lead to superior recruitment solutions for AZ7 and our clients.

Our people are our strongest asset. So at AZ7, we select people with intelligence, integrity, passion and the ambition to make a difference.

  • We are intelligent, honest and passionate about making a difference in all of our endeavors. Results are our mission - it defines who we are. Each and every one of us strive to make a personal impact.
  • We are down-to-earth, friendly, humble, and approachable. It's a differentiator for us and a core strength of our teams.
  • We are practical and action-oriented. We realize that helping an organization change requires more than just a recommendation. We put ourselves in our clients' shoes and focus on practical actions. Our clients tell us that's what makes AZ7 different.
  • Our people define our culture. We value individuals, creativity and diversity. We have found that the best solution to a complex problem often comes from a different perspective or point of view.
  • Most importantly: We enjoy what we do and have fun. We like working with each other. We are not afraid of hard work. But we recognize that our work is only one part of a fulfilling life.