Campus Recruitment Solutions

On-Campus Interview Services
  • Conduct research to identify and rank schools that best fit client's recruiting objectives
  • Research outreach and recruiting opportunities at targeted colleges
  • Pre placement Talks & Pre-campus recruitment visit
  • Create events schedule
  • Develop test and interview format
  • Screen resumes, pre-select & schedule candidates for on-campus drive
Off-Campus Interview Services
  • Source resumes of recent passed out candidates
  • Prescreen candidates by e-mail correspondence and telephone interviews
  • Schedule phone or on-site interviews with client
  • Arrange candidate travel for off-campus drive
  • Research scheduled campus and regional events
Post-Campus Recruitment Services
  • Collect client feedback from on-campus interview and relay to candidates
  • Schedule next round interviews (phone or on-site)
  • Collect client and candidate feedback from next round interviews and relay to all parties
  • Facilitate communication between selected candidates and client
  • Provide support at offer and joining stage
Administration and Logistical Support
  • Arrange travel & accommodation for campus interviewers
  • Complete all paperwork and formalities
  • Coordinate recruiting plans and activities including career fairs, on-campus interviews, and other events
  • Handle warehousing, packing, and shipping of literature, display units, and other items for on-campus or other off-site events